Naomh Barróg Golf Society 




1.0  Title

The Name of the society shall be Naomh Barróg Golf Society.


2.0  General Membership

The membership of the society shall consist of both male and female members having equal rights.


3.0  Objects

The society through its committee shall:

3.1    Promote the amateur game of golf amongst its members.

3.2    Apply for application to the Golf Union of Ireland and undertake in writing to accept and abide by the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the branch in whose province the society is situated.

3.3    Accept and apply the Standard Scratch Score and Handicapping Scheme as prescribed by the Council of National Golf Unions and such Rules thereunder as may require to be implemented from time to time by the Golfing Union of Ireland.

3.4    Accept and recognise the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as the sole authority of prescribing and implementing the Rules of Golf and the Rules of the Amateur Status.

3.5    Arrange an appropriate number of outings each year generally promoting healthy competition and other social activities amongst its members.

3.6    Decide the maximum number of members which can be elected to the society.

3.7    Recommend the rate of;

            1. Entry fee (if any) and

            2. Annual subscription to be paid by members which recommendations shall be placed before an Annual General or Extraordinary General Meeting for                        rectification or amendment.

3.8    Decide the rates of Green Fees to be payable by members and visitors at each outing.

3.9    Generally act in the promotion and advancement of the affairs of the society.

4.0 Officers


4.1    The Officers of the Society to include; Captain, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Chairman and Handicap Secretary. 


5.0  Management

5.1 Application of Functions


5.1.1   The business and affairs of the Society shall be under the jurisdiction and control of a general committee consisting of the Officers of the Society and up to five other members elected under clause 5.2 and rule .13……

5.1.2    At meetings of the committee fifty per cent plus one member of those entitled to attend and vote shall form a quorum.

5.1.3    At committee meetings the Chair shall be taken by the Chairman or the Secretary.

5.1.4    The Chairperson at a meeting shall in addition to a deliberate vote to have, and shall exercise a casting vote.


5.2. Election – Officers and Committee


5.2.1    The officers shall retire annually and shall be eligible for re-election.

5.2.2    The election of Office Bearers and members of the committee shall be made at the Annual General Meeting.

5.2.3    The outgoing committee shall nominate for election the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Handicap Secretary.

5.2.4    Nomination (with the consent of the nominee) for the election of ordinary members shall be by two members at the Annual General Meeting.

5.2.5    The committee shall have power to fill vacancies in any of these offices during any year.  The persons so appointed shall hold offices until the next Annual General Meeting; the new offices shall take office immediately after the election of offices at the AGM.

5.2.6    The office of any Office Bearer shall be vacated by such Office Bearer resigning there from or on ceasing to resolution at an Annual General or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

5.3 Committee Meetings


5.3.1    Stated meetings of the committee shall be held one in every month between February and September and not less than once in every two months between October and January. Special meetings shall be held on such dates as shall be found convenient for the transaction of business on at least two days notice being given by the Captain or the Honorary Secretary.


5.4 Management Regulations


5.4.1    The committee is empowered to make such Local Rules (provided same are not variance with the Rules of Golf) and regulations for society outings as are required in the interest of all members.

5.4.2    Every member and every visitor must comply with all Rules, Bye-Laws and Regulations in force both from the society committee and the Visiting Clubhouse and Course.


5.5 Appointment of Sub-Committees


5.5.1    The committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees and to define the scope of their authority and to delegate and confer upon such committees the powers necessary for the discharge of the function of functions for which Sub-Committees were formed.  

5.5.2    Each Sub-committee shall retire annually on the date of the Annual General Meeting or when the function for which it was appointed is completed.

5.5.3    The quorum of each Sub-Committee shall e defined at the time of appointment.

5.5.4    The Chairperson of each Sub-committee shall in addition to a deliberate vote have, and shall exercise a casting vote.


6.0  Administration


6.1    The Chairperson shall be responsible for the every day affairs except such duties as are specifically assigned to another officer or committee member.  The Chairperson shall have the right; subject to the general approval of the committee to delegate specified duties to particular members of the committee who shall be responsible for the efficient exercise of these duties during the lifetime of the committee or until the delegation is rescinded.  

6.2    All Complaints concerning matters under the jurisdiction and control of the committee shall be referred primarily to the Honorary Secretary who, If unable to resolve shall request same in writing from the complainant on the agenda for the next meeting of the committee of the society for investigation and decision.


7.0  Finance


7.1       The financial affairs of the society shall be operated as follows: 

7.1.1    The Honorary Treasurer shall keep full and detailed accounts, book and records showing the financial affairs, receipts and disbursements of the society.

7.1.2    The Treasurer shall receive all subscription and other funds of the Society and shall disburse them under the direction of the committee.

7.1.3    Subject to the requirements of the bank concerned the banking account shall be held in the name of the Society (and shall be clearly identified as such) in such bank as the committee may from to time determine.  All cheques shall be signed by the Honorary Treasurer and by one other authorised Officer.

7.1.4   The Honorary Treasurer shall issue a statement of the affairs of the Society for the financial year ended 31st of December for consideration by the committee and for presentation to and approval by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

7.1.5    The Committee shall be determined and the Budget necessary for the proper running of the Society.  A minimum threshold of €700 shall be held in the Society accounts in any year.

7.1.6    The committee shall be responsible for the payment of the Annual Subscription to the Golfing Union of Ireland and for the course fees due at outing in respect of the members.  

7.1.7    The committee will be entitled to charge appropriate fees in respect of Society outings under its control and management and for which it has arranged for the provision of prizes.

8.0  Admission Of Members


8.1       Subject to the agreed limitations as to the number of members eligible for membership, the election of all members shall be in the hands of the committee who shall have absolute discretion in this regard. 

8.2       The procedure for the election of members shall be as follows.  

8.2.1    Applicants seeking membership must be proposed by a member of the society who should be acquainted with the applicant.  The applicants name, address and golfing details should be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary. 

8.2.2    The mode of election shall be by ballot, a four fifths majority vote of committee members present being required for election.  Applicants, who are Full Members of Naomh Barrog GAA Club, will be favoured to preserve the Society’s identity.  

8.2.3    A list of applicants for membership shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary and their names shall be put forward to the committee for election.

8.2.4    Immediately upon election of an applicant to membership, notice in writing shall be dispatched to such applicant by the secretary of the Society together with a copy of the Society Rules and a request for immediate payment of the appropriate subscription and entrance fee.


9.0  Membership


9.1    Ordinary members shall comprise men and women who having paid the entrance fee (if any) and Annual subscription shall be entitled to attend and vote at all Annual General and all Extraordinary General Meetings.  

9.2    Temporary members are those refereed to in Rule...11….. 

9.3    The membership year shall be from the 1st of April to the following 31st of March.

9.4    An entrance fee in addition to annual subscription will be due from all newly elected members.  This amount shall be determined each year by the committee as per sub clause 3.7.

9.5    The committee shall have the option to award Honorary Membership (maximum 1 per year) to a member of exceptional service and high standing in the Society. This award shall be decided by a 4/5th majority of the committee.


10.0          Annual Subscriptions.


10.1   All members will be required to pay Annual Subscription. 

10.2    The amount payable will be fixed by the committee under Sub-Clause 3.7

10.3    All subscriptions shall be payable on or before 1st of April in any year. 

10.4    Where a member’s subscription remains unpaid at 1st of April, membership shall be deemed to have lapse and the name of such member shall be removed from the Register, of members except in exceptional circumstances where the committee at its absolute discretion decides to extend the period for payment. 

10.5    The Honorary Treasurer shall notify the Honorary Secretary of the name of any such member and the committee shall not allow such member to compete in any competition under its control.


11.0          Visitors and Temporary Members


11.1    Any member may introduce visitors to a Society outing by agreement with the Honorary Secretary in advance of the outing, Facilities will only be provided to visitors where vacancies exist at a particular outing and at the discretion of the committee.

11.2    Green fee charges for visitors will be determined by the officers of the society at the relevant outing.


12.0          Suspensions and Terminations


12.1    The committee is empowered to suspend or terminate a membership for breaches of the Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations of the Society which in the opinion of the committee, Justify this course.  

12.2    The committee  may, by a majority of not less than two thirds of its members  then present at the committee decide that it is in the interests of the Society, that a member be called on to resign membership of the Society. 

12.3    The member will be given opportunity to attend a meeting to discuss the matter of the member’s resignation.  Such notice will be in writing informing the member of the committee’s decision and of the reason why the member is being called on to resign. 

12.4    If the member attends the meeting, the committee having heard what the member may have to offer, will then deal with the matter.  The committee’s decision will be final in this regard. 

12.5    Committee reserve the right to renew membership of any member who has not played in a least one outing in the previous year.


13.0          General Meetings


13.1    The Annual General Meeting shall, save in exceptional circumstances be held not later than the last day of February for receiving the Honorary Treasurer’s financial statement, the Honorary Secretary’s report, for electing Office Bearers, members of committee, revising rules and transactions and any other items of business on the agenda. 

13.2    Ten days notice at least of such Annual General Meeting shall be given to members of the Society.

13.3    Notices of motion must be made to the Secretary not less than 7 days before the meeting.

13.4    Nominations of Officers and Members of the committee shall be in accordance with Sub-Clause 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 respectively.

13.5    Extraordinary General Meetings may be called at any time by the committee.  Seven days notice of every Extraordinary General Meeting convened by order of the committee shall be given to the members specifying the time and place of the meeting and the business to be transacted.

13.6    The Chairperson shall preside at all General Meeting or the Secretary if this officer is absent.

13.7    No voting proxies will be allowed.  Voting shall be either by a show of hands or by ballot. Ballot shall mean a vote on voting paper. A majority of one shall be sufficient to decide any question under discussion.  In the event of a tie, the Chairperson shall have and shall exercise a casting vote.

13.8    The committee shall keep a minute book in which shall be recorded the minutes of the Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings and of all the committee meetings held in compliance with clause 5.3. The respective minutes shall be read out at the next General or Statutory Committee Meeting, and when approved as being a correct record, shall be singed and dated by the Chairperson 

13.9    Amendments to the constitution shall be affected by a two thirds majority at an AGM or EGM.


14.0          Rules of Golf and Local Rules


14.1    The Rules of the game for the Society shall be the Rules of Golf  as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. 

14.2    In addition the committee in compliance with Sub-Clause 5.4.1 shall from time to time prescribe such Local Rules as it considers necessary having regard to the courses being played an the nature of the competition.

14.3    If a member of the Society is not a current a member of a Golf Club, any handicap so allocated by the Society may be used only for the purpose of competition within the Society and not otherwise.  All handicaps will be subject to adjustment by the committee using a system of penalty points to reflect success or otherwise in competitions.  

14.4    All club members shall keep the Society informed of any changes in golf club handicap throughout the year.

14.5    Prizes for all competitions will be presented on the evening the competition ends, the time and venue will be declared by the committee on the day.  

14.6    Entry must be made and the fee paid before playing in any competition.  

14.7    Golfer of the year will be presented to the person with highest aggregated stableford score using 5 out of 7 singles competitions.  Such outings to be determined by the committee.

14.8    Only members who have played in a least three singles outing in the same year prior to the Captains Prize shall be eligible for this prize.  Only members who have played at least one singles outing in the same year prior to the Presidents prize shall be eligible for this prize. 

14.9    Slow play.  It is mandatory that in the event of losing a complete hole, the players involved must call the following players through.

14.10   Players searching for a ball should allow following players to pass through if they are ready to play. 

14.11   Dress Code, Members and Visitors are required to dress appropriately in the Clubhouse and on the Courses.  Neat Casual Dress is acceptable and denim jackets, singlets, sleeveless or collarless shirts and untailored shorts are not permitted on any course.


15.0          Personal Property

Any personal belongings of members or visitors brought to or left behind at any outings shall be at the sole risk of the owners.  Neither the club nor the committee shall be responsible for any loss or damage thereto however arising.  This rule shall not prejudice any claims when otherwise covered by Insurance.


16.0          Commencement


Until such time as the Officers and Committee are elected under this constitution the Officers and Committee of Naomh Barróg Golfing Society as here to fore constituted shall continue to act and shall have all necessary powers under this Constitution.


Dated this 26th January 2010


Signed:    Thomas Dennis



Signed:    Francis Dennis

Honorary Secretary



Signed:    David Flood

Honorary Treasurer